Sen. Kamala Harris Speaks At The Womens March


Washington (CNN)  Women of all generations streamed on to the National Mall Saturday morning, gathering for the Women’s March on Washington to push back on the Republican agenda and offer a sharp rebuke of President Donald Trump’s history of derogatory comments about women.

After a day of grandeur, pomp and circumstance for Trump, buses and planes of protesters arrived in the nation’s capital Friday night and Saturday morning. Women in pink hats with cat ears — the now universal symbol of anti-Trump sentiment — filled the sidewalks near the metro and Amtrak hub at Union Station, a venue that housed a Trump gala for donors and friends just two nights ago.

The march, she said, is “mostly just a message of solidarity.”

“There are so many people traveling from all over the country to show that we are going to stand together and not let the President of our country bully us or make us feel like we don’t belong,” she said. “It’s really just taking a stand for women’s rights.”


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