img_2580A student who inherited HIV from her mother has spoken of her relief after giving birth to a healthy son.

Paida Mutopo, 20, from Rochdale, was told she was HIV-positive when she was just 11 and feared she would never have children for dear of passing it on herself.

But advances in treatment have mean the amount of the virus in her system is now undetectable – and she can lead a normal, healthy life.

She was also able to take medication to reduce the risk of giving the virus to her children.

Five months ago, she gave birth to her son Kai and was thrilled when tests confirmed he was free of HIV.

She is sharing her story as she is keen to teach the world that HIV is no longer a ‘death sentence’.

‘When I found out I was pregnant I was so scared and at the same time I was so excited,’ she said.
‘When I found out I was HIV positive, I never thought I was going to have a child and that was something I wanted in my life.
‘If he had been positive I would have felt so bad, I would have just blamed myself.’

Via:  Daily Mail