Apple Wants You To Be Healthy

img_2581The company is also willing to go the extra mile and invest in good research and good science for its health solutions. Last week I learned that the Swimming Activity app you will find in Apple Watch Series 2 is based on over a million swim hours of data. Apple has confirmed that Wheelchair is based on similar high investment in research time. Meanwhile the sensors Apple is introducing take years to develop. This is not a trivial attempt, and these things work.

“Health is a huge issue around the world and we think it’s ripe for simplicity and a new view,” Apple CEO, Tim Cook told a May conference in Amsterdam.

Bloomberg today confirms what I pointed out just last week: That Apple wants to expand HealthKit from being a basic fitness tracker to becoming a useful diagnosis tool.

Next generation digital health

The Bloomberg report claims Apple is working on an app that figures out an Apple Watch wearer’s fitness levels “by measuring the time taken for the heart rate to fall from its peak to resting level.”

Earlier this year Apple filed a patent for an Apple Watch that can constantly monitor a wearer’s heartbeat, warning them of impending heart attack.

The big ambition is to gather lots of useful data, generate useful real-time insights from that information, and to make it easy to bring that information into the fragmented landscape of Electronic Health Records across the industry (hence the Gliimpse acquisition).

The big idea is to give physicians access to the quality and quantity of accurate biometric data they need in order to improve treatment and diagnosis.

Apple’s plan for health

This is what I imagine Apple’s digital health strategy is built around:

  • To offer consumer products (principally Apple Watch) that among their many other features also offer the best available health and fitness trackers and FDA-approved biometric and system sensors.
  • While protecting customer privacy and security to ensure the data gathered by these devices can be securely shared with leading Electronic Health Systems currently used in healthcare, and that medical professionals can quickly and easily access this data, even remotely. (88% of physicians want patients to monitor their health parameters at home).
  • To link doctors and their clients together so both sides receive early alerts if sensors detect potential crisis.
  • To provide patients with an emergency system so they can request help if necessary (now available in iOS 10).

Via:  Computer World

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