5 Ways To Turn A Hobby Into A Business


Over the years I have had several successful business that all started as a hobby.  Just by chance, my hobbies, were able to make me money.  Not enough to get rich, but enough to make me satisfied and successful.

  1. What hobby are you good at?  Knitting, Scrapbooking, Cooking… you get the idea
  2. Pick (1) hobby and start making or doing that.  Ex:  if you are good a knitting, knit things and give them as gifts at holidays, baby-showers, birthdays.  Someone will see it (trust me) and will want what you are making.  Sell your product at a very cheap price.  (At this point you are not out to make money, but to get your product and name out there).  Hence… you have your first client/customer
  3. Photography – If you love taking pictures… go to your kids football game, daycare, birthday parties… Take pictures, print them out or put them in a slide show and show the product to the parents.  (All parents want a photo of their child.) Put them on a DVD or CD as a slide show.  Sell them for $5, hence you have just started a photography business
  4. Stay at home moms – The possibilities are endless.  You have to cook, clean and entertain the children.  Why not bake cookies… give them to parents and then you can sell them later. Start a easy lunch-time cookbook for the working mom.  Start a cleaning business on the weekend.
  5. Blogging/Social Media – This is an easy one.  If your a Facebook addict and like to post all day, you would be good at blogging.  Pick a topic that you are passionate about.  Google that topic, pay attention to the style used, images, topics, website vs blog etc.  Start your blog and go from there.

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