5 Reasons Why You Need The Apple Watch

img_2521As I said in my last post about the Ipad Pro, I am a HUGE mac user.  So….. Guess what I also have the Apple Watch.  At first I did not like it and did not see the need for it, but now, it never leaves my wrist.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you need the Apple Watch.

1.  Silent Mode – When you put your Apple Watch on silent mode, its like having a “Top Secret” agent whispering everything you need to know in your ear.  Once you sync your watch to the Iphone, put your Iphone in your pocket and never need it for the rest of the day.  All of your important information will come across your watch, silently, as to not disturb anyone around you.


2.  The new Apple Watch OS  is incredible.  It comes with “Reminders” so, all the reminders on your phone, now appear as a complication on your watch.

3.  News – I love CNN, mainly because they have a complication but, I get all the news on my apple watch screen, so I stay informed throughout the day.

4.  Mail – Lets face it folks, we all get tons of email and I hate checking my Iphone every time I get a new email.  The Apple Watch, has a complication for mail.  I set it for “VIP” only.  Now, when I get a new email on my watch, I know its someone important from my “VIP” list and I can read it directly from my Apple Watch.

5.  Omni Focus – This is a must app that I use everyday.  I also use it to schedule my social media, flag important projects that I am working on, keep track of my bills that are due and it syncs with the reminders from your Iphone.  The complication for the Apple Watch lets me see exactly what’s due, overdue and how many items I have left to complete.

So, if you don’t have an apple watch you are missing out on a great opprotunity to simply your life.

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