T.I.’s spat with a security guard in his gated community has resulted in several misdemeanor charges.

The oceans are drowning in plastic waste. Greenpeace activists created this artwork as a to break free from plastic.

Wood Harris, known for his role as Avon Barksdale on the hit HBO series “The Wire,” — won’t face any criminal charges after allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has resigned from his position at the University of Louisville after it was revealed he used the N-word during a company meeting.

The Game thinks Kim Kardashian West should run for president — and he believes her sister Kylie could help her win where Hillary Clinton failed.

The reality star reportedly met one-on-one with several prisoners to talk about what it’s like being locked up.

Rest In Power-The Trayvon Martin Story. Paramount Network has set July 30 at 10 p.m. as the premiere date for “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.”

Diallo could face up to 15 years in prison for illegally receiving thousands of dollars in public assistance.

The rapper has been ordered to pay Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mother, $2 million as the result of a lawsuit she filed last year.

Janet Jackson took to Instagram to thank fans for their well wishes as she mourns the loss of her father, Joe Jackson.